Include a wide range of workshop-based training that is defined by the actual need of industry. These trade or vocational training programs are designed to be practical, with a minimal component of classroom-based instructions. They cover essential areas like electrical installations & rewiring; industrial motors; welding & fabrication; automotive technician training; industrial machines & equipment operations, etc.

Graduands of these programs, most of whom already have a first degree, are assured of a one-way ticket into the most-competitive companies and industries. Through our internship agreements with prominent companies across industries lines, students of our technical programs don’t have to wait until the end of their study before they have lucrative jobs waiting for them, domestically and internationally.

Additionally, our accreditation by various international bodies mean that certificates from our technical skills programs are recognized by most countries around the world and accepted for employment or educational purpose. Students who are interested in working overseas or migrating may also use this program as a launching-pad for their dreams.