This course equips the student with the knowledge of the most important renewable energy technologies and how they work.

It also familiarizes them with the key constraints related to each technology and how they compare favorably or unfavorably with energy derived from fossil-fuels.

It is delivered in a non-technical language which persons who do not have an engineering or energy background can readily understand and it simplifies the global/local challenges facing renewables from a business decision-making perspective

This course will help businesses and individuals considering adopting renewable energy as their sole energy source or in a hybrid system. It is also designed with technicians and consultants in mind; people who may advise on or manage renewable energy systems.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of how solar and wind energy technologies work
  • Become acquainted with the renewable energy policies and key terminology.
  • Access government incentives on renewable energy
  • Assess different financial models and navigate financing pitfalls

Who Needs This Course?

  • Energy consultants
  • Those looking to work in the renewable energy industry
  • Renewable energy technicians
  • Individuals evaluating the benefits of adopting renewable energy technology
  • Senior management of organizations intending to invest in the renewable energy sector.

Course Content

  • Renewable technologies and how they work
  • Basic technical calculations – energy, economics, emissions
  • Technology applications and business considerations
  • Introduction to Renewable Energy Financing
  • Common technical issues
  • Government policy on renewable energies
  • Impact of policy on renewable energy investments
  • Financing options for residential and commercial Systems
  • Understanding Carbon Credits
  • Renewable energy risk management
  • Case studies

Course Structure


  • 2 Days

Training Fees:

  • N30, 000.00

 Bank Details:

Account Name: Joint Professionals Training and Support International Limited

GTBANK: 0011418914                     ZENITH BANK: 1012554608