This program is for persons whose ultimate aim in entering the field of education is to serve as administrators and planners, rather than teachers and instructors. The program will ground students in the concepts, challenges and trends in education administration, policy development and school management.

It will cover school leadership and management, and related areas like curriculum development, instruction, evaluation, assessment and grading. It will foster students’ ability to conduct research in the various areas of educational administration and planning, and design & develop relevant solutions to the challenges that confront modern educational institutions.

The program covers administrative, planning and management issues from the Kindergarten level through Secondary school to University.

Course Objectives

  • To produce educators who are adaptive and dynamic and able to adopt available tools to meet the educational challenges of their environment.
  • To help schools administrators and education planners stay abreast of the current trends and position their institutions for continued relevance in the sector.

Who Needs This Course?

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • School Heads
  • Lecturers/instructors
  • Educational service providers
  • Staff of educational agencies
  • Education-focused NGO’s
  • School owners
  • Anyone interested in education

Course content

  • Methodologies in Educational Planning
  • Curriculum Planning & Supervision
  • Management of Primary & Secondary Education
  • The Nigerian Educational System
  • Personnel Administration in Education
  • Cost Financing and Management Techniques in Education
  • School Mapping and Plant Planning
  • Management of Higher Education in Nigeria
  • Management Information Systems in Education
  • Economics of Education
  • Leadership in Education
  • Practicum Report

Course Structure

  • Duration: 9 Months
  • Mode: Classroom