Joint Professionals Training and Support International (JPTS International Inc) is an America Organization with over 160 Approved Learning Centre across the globe. JPTS Approved Learning Centre Spread across 4 Continent.

Learning Centre Approval is a critical aspect of the JPTS expansion policy to reaching out to diverse environment, culture and locations in order to provide affordable, quality and International qualification to our client.

Program 1: British A- Level Qualification(Acceptedfor direct admisssion into Local and Foreign Universities without Candidate having IJMB, SAT, TOEFL etc.)

Program 2: Professional Qualification Leading to Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree, PhD via Blended Learning System.

Step for Centre Approval Process

  1. Applicant Complete the Online Form
  2. Applicant will be interview ( Online or Offline)
  3. Centre Assessment and Qualification
  4. Training and Contract
  5. Final Approval

Applicant Requirement

  1. Conductive Learning Centre
  2. Curriculum Vitae of Key Instructors
  3. Curriculum Vitae of Applicant and Chief Administrator

Upon Approval, Applicant shall be provided with Promotional Material and Training.

Applicant Biodata

Details on Proposed Learning Centre

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