This course equips students with understanding of the key concepts of current flow, AC theory, single phase and three phase power systems. Students will be able to determine the electrical characteristics of conducting and insulating materials.

This course is designed to provide basic electrical skills to workers who perform first-line electrical maintenance tasks. It covers safe and effective isolation, replacement and testing of a variety of common electrical devices, such as motors, sensors, heating elements, solenoids, etc.

It covers electrical standards for Industrial Machinery and will also equip students with skills for basic industrial equipment installations and repairs. It also includes the Health & Safety requirements in industrial building and installation of industrial wiring systems.

Course Objectives

The course will equip students with competence for addressing the electrical considerations specific to equipment, apparatus, and systems used in industrial manufacturing processes.

Who Needs This Course?

  • Electrical technicians
  • Electrical/Electronic engineering graduates
  • Those looking for work in
    • Oil and gas
    • Ship and Boat Building
    • Ports
    • Automobile
    • Fabrication
    • Industrial Maintenance and Repair
    • Construction
    • Transportation and pipeline
  • Young people looking to start a career in electrical maintenance
  • Supervisors

Course Content

  • Fundamental Electrical Principles
  • Basic Electrical Installation Systems and Protection
  • Basic Electrical Installation Skills
  • Working safely with electrical systems
  • Electrical equipment & devices and how to operate and connect them
  • The principles of earthing and associated protective devices
  • Electrical systems, switchgear and circuit types
  • Fault diagnosis and their symptoms
  • Cable types and correct termination/connection
  • Industrial motor types: operation, connections and maintenance
  • Electrical test equipment: testing motors, solenoids, cables, etc.
  • Motor and power circuit faults

Course Structure

  • 11 Days: Classroom and Workshop (weekdays)

Training Fees:

  • N45, 000.00

Bank Details:

Account Name: Joint Professionals Training and Support International Limited

GTBANK: 0011418914

ZENITH BANK: 1012554608