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Joint Professionals Training and Support International offers you the most accessible route to acquiring internationally recognized academic qualifications and professional certifications. Our accelerated learning programs provide an affordable pathway to the most sought-after professional and academic programs and courses.

Whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, our courses combine competitiveness and convenience, without compromising on the quality of instruction students get. These programs are carefully selected to strategically position our graduands to take advantage of emerging trends.

The 9-month international masters is a favorite of discerning students looking for a reputable program that allows them the flexibility and time to pursue a globally recognized graduate program without ever leaving their job and home country or paying the exorbitant fees associated with international degrees programs.

We also field an array of professional and technical courses, designed with the realities of specific industries in mind. These programs not only meet the stringent standards of regulating professional bodies, but the training is delivered with the expectations of employers as our constant reference point.

Joint Professional Training and Support International is Your way to the cutting-edge!